Image Concrete & Asphalt

Image Concrete & Asphalt

We only service the Northern Twin Cities area as we come out of East Bethel so areas South of 694 are not in my service area.

Image Concrete & Asphalt specializes in driveways, Sidewalk, Patios and Apron Installations.

Scroll down for more information and pricing.  We only service the northern Twin Cities area.

Driveway Repairs Include:

A little information about driveway repairs, us and what we do:

Image Concrete and Asphalt: I have been doing driveway repairs and installations in the Twin Cities (mostly northern suburbs) for about 30 years.  I started out sealcoating driveways here in 1989.  My father and I went out together and spent time sealcoating driveways.  In 1995 I started working with a contractor in town putting in new concrete driveways when I started getting a lot of my customers asking how to “get rid of the drop in my driveway where it meets up with my garage”.  This area is called the “Apron” of your driveway. That’s when I started to research why it was happening and how I could incorporate small driveway repairs into my own business.  I went full time into Sealcoating and Concrete Apron Repair along with installing complete concrete driveways in 2000.

In short, Aprons fail because of water and the natural pliability of asphalt.  The cinder block foundation of your garage have holes in them.  these holes go down 6 feet or more.  The top of the cinder block foundation is supposed to be capped off with “capping blocks” at construction.  These capping blocks have a very thin layer of concrete that erodes over time.  When the holes are exposed, the asphalt falls into them and that’s where your problems start.  As time goes on, the entire Apron will sink all around the foundation blocks.  this is where a concrete apron comes in.  Our Aprons will be tied into your garage and sit directly on top of your foundation (when possible).  The foundation holes will be filled and capped off with concrete.  See my Apron page for more information and pictures of what I am explaining.

Aprons, driveways, sealcoating, sidewalks, patios & potholes. Give us a call for a quote (763) 313-6699

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