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Pothole Repair

Potholes in Minnesota are inevitable and most people want to get them filled as soon as possible.  If you repair the pothole before the frost has thawed, the patch in all likelihood will not hold.  It is the weakest point in the asphalt and if there is more heaving, it will break apart.

In the Twin Cities area, there are usually very limited Asphalt plants that are producing the product before the end of April.  In our area, the St Paul plant opens early which means for most parking lots, you are paying for a lot of travel time as well if you are looking for early filling.  One alternative is to use cold patch to fill the worst of the worst holes saving the rest for the end of April when most plants around here open.

For cold patching, we charge $.30 per square inch for pothole repair with a minimum charge of $150.00.  For Asphalt patching, we charge $.25 per square inch with a $250.00 minimum.  This covers holes up to 4″ deep.  Add $.10 per square inch on top of that for every hole that is deeper than 4″.

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