Sidewalk Repair | Northern Twin Cities Area

Sidewalk Repair/Replace: How much does it cost?

If you are replacing your sidewalk as an add-on to your Apron repair, you are looking at $200.00 for each additional 20 square feet as long as your Apron repair is at least 140 square feet in size.  Concrete is only delivered in quarter cubic yard increments.  This is why 20 square foot increments are needed.

If you are just getting a price to replace your sidewalk then you will be at $1600 for the 1st 140 square feet, then $200.00 for every 20 square feet above that.

I only have 1 or 2 sections of my sidewalk that need to be replaced.
If we are there replacing your Apron then you would be looking at $200.00 for every 20 square feet of replacement.  Most sidewalks are about 3′ wide so you will be replacing up to around 6.5 feet of sidewalk at a time.

Will the new concrete match my existing concrete?
No. Your existing concrete will be sun faded and worn.  It will eventually blend in a little better (5 -10 years).  By then you will probably need to replace the sections you did not do earlier.

Do I need to pay for anything in advance in order to schedule the work?
Once I have everything prepped and ready for the concrete delivery, I ask for 1/2 down and the balance upon completion.